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Have you been looking for a waterscape contractor in Chino Hills, California? If so, you have come to the right place. Waterscape is one of the most innovative landscaping techniques available today. It combines several different types of landscape design principles with water features to create a unique and natural-looking outdoor living space that will impress your friends and neighbors alike! Chino Hills Pro Landscapers offer waterscape contracting services for all new waterscapes and waterscape enhancements, as well as the repair of existing landscapes. Chino Hills Pro Landscapers can design a waterscape that is right for you! Dial (909) 584-3797 today to get started.

About Chino Hills Pro Landscapers

If you’re looking for landscaping services in Chino Hills, CA, then Pro Landscapers is your go-to company. We offer the latest and most efficient equipment to maintain your lawn or garden. Whether it’s a small residential lot or commercial property, our team will do an excellent job at keeping it well-groomed.  We provide a wide range of landscaping services including sod lawn, water-conserving irrigation system, automatic sprinkler system, and more! If you are interested in hiring us for landscaping maintenance services, please give us a call today at (909) 584-3797!

Understanding Waterscape

The installation of a water landscape, or “waterscape” is an investment that will provide beauty for years to come. Waterscapes are perfect for homeowners who live in arid climates, where the dry air sucks the moisture out of plants and lawns. A water garden will keep your plants hydrated and vibrant year-round with minimal upkeep. The sound of running water can also help relax you after a long day at work. If you have been looking for a way to bring life back into your yard without breaking the bank, contact us today!

We can design waterscapes for you at any time of the year, but spring is one of our favorite seasons to get started. Spring rains have a habit of stirring up insects that are better left undisturbed in their dormant state under soil or mulch. We recommend waiting until late summer before planning your waterscape installation so these pests are no longer active. The exception to this would be if you live in an area that stays warm enough year-round for insects to thrive, then waterscape installation should begin as soon as the weather starts warming up!

Waterscape Services We Offer


Waterfalls are a great addition to any home and can be used for many purposes. They can provide an area of tranquility in the back of your property, they can also generate electricity through the use of hydroelectricity, and even help with air quality. There is no better way to relax than enjoying nature by taking a dip in a natural pool or having some time next to the flowing water. 


Chino Hills homeowners know that they can make their property more beautiful and help the environment at the same time. With a stream installed, you’ll be able to enjoy your natural surroundings all year long while also providing habitat for local wildlife and cleaner water in nearby waterways. A well-designed stream will not only look great but also provide an excellent sound barrier that will block out traffic noise from nearby roadways and neighborhoods. Streams function as part of a smart home’s ecosystem by taking care of themselves with minimal maintenance required on your end.


The best landscaping design often includes water features. One of the most popular is a pond, which can be an attractive focal point for your yard or garden. Ponds are also excellent habitat for wildlife, including waterfowl and aquatic plants, while providing a home to fish and amphibians. They’re perfect for sprucing up any backyard! 

Water Feature

A water feature is a great way to attract wildlife and help with the atmosphere of your backyard. The sound of flowing water will create an environment that is tranquil, which can be perfect for entertaining guests. If you have been considering adding a new addition to your property, contact us today! We specialize in designing and installing custom features that are perfect for any family’s needs. Some popular additions include ponds, streams, or fountains. These all provide different benefits including being aesthetically pleasing as well as providing habitat for local plant life and animals. Contact us today to get started on making your dream come true!

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If you’re ready to start planning your waterscape installation, contact Chino Hills Pro Landscapers today! We offer free consultations and estimates for all of our services. You can reach us by phone at (909) 584-3797 or fill out the form on our website.

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